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  • Habitat Images - Illustrations and comments on all species of Ariocarpus in habitat.

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  • Anderson, E. F. 1999. Ariocarpus: Some Reminiscences.  Cact. Succ. J. (U S )Vol. 71 (1999). No .4, p180-190.

Field Numbers


  • History - A taxonomic history of the genus Ariocarpus.

  • People - Biographies of Botanists who have  worked on the plants.

  • Literature References - Bibliography of papers and articles on the genus.

  • On Line Publications - Reproductions of papers, and relevant extracts from longer texts.

    Unabridged Papers

  • Abridged Texts

    • Britton N.L. & Rose J.N. 1937 The Cactaceae, (second edition)

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  • Cultivars - Illustrations of hybrids, cristates, variegates etc.

  • Anderson , M. 1999. Ariocarpus Cultivars: An Overview of Cristates, Hybrids, Monstrose Forms and Other Oddities Cact. Succ. J. (U S )Vol. 71 (1999). No .4, p191-200.

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  • Cultivation - Cultivation of plants based on experiences in the United Kingdom.

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  • Ethnobotany - Ethnobotanical uses of  the genus Ariocarpus.


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