Living Rocks of Mexico
Additions & Updates


July 19th 2002

  • Weightman W. 2002 A Half Hour Stroll to See Ariocarpus agavoides. B.C.S.S. Journal Vol 20 (2) 76-79 added.

July 13th 2002

May 16th 2002

29th March 2002

  • Layout of species pages improved, new photo of A. bravoanus added

26th March 2002

  • Habitat Gallery revised and extended with photos from the 2001 Mexico trip

20th January 2002

  • Habitat tour for Ariocarpus species added to the habitat pages

21st December  2001

  • Entire site layout restyled.

26th October 2001

4th August 2001

21st July 2001

16th July 2001

23rd April 2001

15th April 2001

25th March 2001

16th January 2001

10th December 2000

  • Habitat Gallery revised and extended with photos from the 2000 Mexico trip

26th September 2000

13th August 2000

  • A complete listing of Anton Hofer's reference numbers is now available on the field numbers page.

  • Change of site address & server

1st August 2000

22nd July 2000

  • General revision of site, all links updated, navigation improved, site map added etc..

23rd June 2000

15th June 2000

  • A photograph of Ariocarpus trigonus from the now extinct neotype locality is now available in the habitat gallery.

  • The text relating to Ariocarpus From Britton & Rose, The Cactaceae has been added to the online literature

6th June 2000

  • The Complete Field Numbers of Pavel Pavlicek have been added to the Field Numbers pages.

1st June 2000

15th April 2000

13th April 2000

5th April 2000

3rd April 2000

2nd April 2000

2nd March 2000

26th February 2000

23rd February 2000

18th February 2000

14th February 2000

8th February 2000

5th January 2000

  • Habitat gallery enlarged, cultivars gallery enlarged, cultivation, and literature added, Overall revision of site to include new names, field numbers etc.

5th December 1999

  • Photo galleries added, links page added, field numbers updated

31st October  1999

  • First version of Living Rocks site published.

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