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SCHEIDWEILER (1838) erected the genus Ariocarpus for A. retusus. The generic name has precedence over Anhalonium (LEMAIRE 1839), which had five species including what is now Lophophora williamsii.

LEMAIRE (1842) published Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus as Anhalonium kotschoubeyanum

ENGELMANN (1856) published Ariocarpus fissuratus as Mammillaria fissurata.

HEMSLEY (1880) reduced Anhalonium to Mammillaria  

WEBER (1893) published Ariocarpus trigonus as Anhalonium trigonum

COULTER (1894) resurrected the name Anhalonium.

SCHUMANN and THOMPSON (1898) independently corrected the generic name to Ariocarpus  and excluded Lophophora williamsii.

BRITTON & ROSE (1922) recognized three species, A. retusus, A. fissuratus and A. kotschoubeyanus.

BERGER (1925) erected the genus Roseocactus for A. kotschoubeyanus, A. fissuratus and A. lloydii which he split as a separate species from A. fissuratus after ROSE (1911).

BÖDEKER (1930) described A. scapharostrus.

BORG (1939 & 1945) did not recognize Roseocactus and included seven species, A. retusus, A. furfuraceus, A. kotschoubeyanus, A. fissuratus, A. lloydii, A. scapharostrus, and A. trigonus which had earlier been split from A. retusus by WEBER (1893) and SCHUMANN (1898).

CASTAÑEDA (1941) described Neogomesia agavoides.

MARSHALL (1946) reduced Roseocactus to a subgenus of Ariocarpus.

ANDERSON (1960, 1962 & 1965) recognized six species, reduced A. lloydii to a variety of A. fissuratus, sunk A. furfuraceus in A. retusus, transferred Neogomesia agavoides (CASTAÑEDA 1941) as A. agavoides (1962) and maintained Roseocactus as a separate subgenus of Ariocarpus.

BACKEBERG (1965 & 1966) maintained both Roseocactus and Neogomesia as separate genera.

STUPPY & TAYLOR (1989) described A. fissuratus v. hintonii in Bradleya 7.

HERNÁNADEZ & ANDERSON (1992) described A. bravoanus in Bradleya 10.

ANDERSON & FITZ MAURICE (1997) in Haseltonia vol 5 abandoned Roseocactus as a subgenus and reduced A. f. var. lloydii to a synonym of A. fissuratus. They recognized six species, transferred A. f. var hintonii to a subspecies of A. bravoanus, reduced A. trigonus to a subspecies of A. retusus. They also adopted the spelling of A. scapharostrus as A.scaphirostris as recommended by HUNT (1991).

HALDA & HORACEK (1998) described A. confusus, A. retusus fm. scapharostroides. and Ariocarpus retusus subsp. panarottoi

HALDA (1998) described A. trigonus var horacekii

HALDA , HORACEK & PANAROTTO (1998) described Ariocarpus retusus subsp. jarmilae, Ariocarpus scapharostrus var. swobodae

HALDA & PANAROTTO (1998) described Ariocarpus retusus subsp. horaceki

HALDA (1998) published his revision of the genus, 'A  New System of the genus Ariocarpus Scheidweiler' in Acta Musei Richnoviensis 5(1) 1998

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