Living Rocks of Mexico
Ariocarpus retusus subsp. retusus

[ Habitat ]



Location: Puento el Oregano Nuevo Leon

Ariocarpus retusus Ariocarpus retusus Ariocarpus retusus
A. retusus LRM332, adult plant and seedling. 

A. retusus LRM332, a typical 'chunky' specimen.

A. retusus LRM332, hilltop habitat at Puento el Oregano.



An old Charles Glass location for the species (Gl.& F 2267). Plants grow here on the tops of low hills and on south westerly facing slopes together with Thelocactus conothelos and Turbinicarpus valdezianus. The plants are mostly single and are of a typical ‘fufuraceus’ type having pointed equilaterally triangular tubercles, they differ considerably in morphology from the longer tubercled population to the south at Huizache. As with many other habitats the slopes are extensively graze by goats.

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