Living Rocks of Mexico
Ariocarpus retusus subsp. retusus

[ Habitat ]



Location: Magdaleno Cedillo, Tamaulipas

Ariocarpus retusus Ariocarpus retusus Ariocarpus retusus
A. retusus  LRM286,  Habitat near Magdaleno Cedillo

A. retusus  LRM286, bearing large flowers in October.

A. retusus  LRM286, with very elongated tubercles.



Ariocarpus retusus at this site has much in common with the long tubercled plants found further to the west at Entronque Huizache. the plants reach a large size and are very large flowered, the closest other population we have observed to these plants is LRM276 at Pressa de Guadalupe, which is very different in appearance being a typical short tubercled 'furfuraceus' type.

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