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Ariocarpus Cultivars (3)
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A.fretusus x fissuratus (A. retusus x kotschoubeyanus) x scaphirostris A. scaphirostris x agavoides
A. retusus x A. fissuratus, displaying characteristics of both parents.

(A. retusus X A. kotschoubeyanus) X A. scaphirostris, an attractively colored cross.

A. scaphirostris x A. agavoides, showing characters of both parents.
A. retusus x lloydii (A.retusus x kotschoubeyanus) x fissuratus A. retusus x scaphirostris
A. retusus X A. lloydii showing the characteristics of both species.

(A. retusus x A. kotschoubeyanus) x A. fissuratus, stem morphology is very like the A. retusus parent.

A. retusus X A. scaphirostris, this cross frequently produces variegates.
A. scaphirostris hybrid Ariocarpus scaphirostris chimera A. trigonus variegated
A. scaphirostris hybrid, an almost completely variegated plant, of which only one parent is known.

A. scaphirostris chimera, A young plant of A. scaphirostris grafted on Echinopsis, with a chimera growing from the graft union.

A. trigonus, variegation is far rarer in the true species than in hybrids.

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